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Has A Burst Pipe Burst Your Bubble?

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Burst pipes are among the house damages that nearly half of all homeowners experience every year that
cause water damage and home flooding. But the process to file your insurance claim can be pretty
complicated. Don’t wait a minute longer to talk to the legal experts about the damages to your claim and
how much you should get out of your insurance policy as well as the process to file a damages claim.

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Keep Your Head Above Water Damage Policies

About 90% of all insurance claimants find that their insurance policies are too confusing and complex to easily understand. In fact, many people filing claims for the first (or even second) time get fooled by legal jargon and policy exclusions that result in a denied payout or slow processing of their claim. The Kling Law team of insurance experts can help you understand exactly what is covered by your policy and what steps you need to take to file
your claim.

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Where Do I Start?

The first thing you’ll need to do when filing an insurance claim is to connect with your insurance adjuster. They’ll inform you of the necessary
paperwork and document as well as any other evidence such as recorded statements, photos of the damage and your property before the damage -
and possibly more! It can be a very difficult process without any assistance or guidance.

Once you learn what you’ll need, connect with a trusted legal expert at Kling Law to get help compiling your claim, reviewing your policy, and filing and following your claim throughout the process. The team at Kling Law is excited to help you with your claim, so reach out today

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